Monday, August 18, 2008

pregnancy and belly casting

First time, meant a whole lot for everyone, first designer bag ,first kiss, first baby, first car, first house, and first everything.......

You cherish it in your mind, capture through photographs, video, wrote it down, kept related items as memento...
A great way, to experience a different way of creating a keepsake, especially for pregnancy moment is through the process of belly casting.
A cast of your belly during pregnancy is one of the most beautiful ways to remember those intimate months you share with your baby.
Belly casting involve process of applying plaster around your belly and up to your neck, and its up to your preferences.

Its easier if you have help from your husband or someone to apply whether a homemade belly casting dough, or belly casting kit you bought from drug store or go for a professional belly casting store near you.

The best time for belly casting is between the 35th and 37th week of your pregnancy. And later you get the chance to decorate it with paint, decoupage, fabric or anything you desire. :)