Friday, August 8, 2008

Boost your milk supply - breastfeeding

Updated: You can try Milkmaid Tea..can be found at pharmacy or drug store..or Mothercare
What all these stuffs have in common?

(Asparagus Racemuses)
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Fenugreek from GNC

Mustard Seeds
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Maxolon /Primperan
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Chinese Radish
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dried longan
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They all can help boost your milk supply!!! &hearts

The dried longan can be eaten raw as snack , just like any other fruits.
For Maxolon /Primperan ask your gynae about this. and will make you sleepy.
Shatvari Himalaya (Asparagus Racemuses) from Himalaya herbs range. Written on the bottle that it can help to increase milk supply.
For the Chinese Radish , find small or medium size coz the large size will be a bit bitter.
And you also you can take milkmaid tea. and try for breast massage.

Other tips:
There's another technique called Leche Technique for those pumping their breast for milk supply.

for reference to mothers out there breastfeeding and mummy to be


hyperX said...

For mothers that have not enough milk for their children... So far I have not encounter anyone like that but it's a great tips to learn.