Friday, July 25, 2008

Extending your pants.

Pregnancy come with bigger belly. When you at this early stage, finding what to wear can be quite challenging. You look more plump than you're pregnant. But buying maternity pants aren't on top of the list not yet coz thinking hmmm just in early months of pregnancy and would very much like to fit in favourite fab jeans or pants. In early stage when the uterus at the same level as the navel , you get a bit of baby bump. And sometimes people wonder whether you're pregnant or ....
Well what do I have as choice and still want to fit in my jeans but couldnt coz its stuck at the waist and couldnt be zip. I could go a size up but...

I read that in early stages of pregnancy, with just a slight of baby bump, some women opt for securing pants/ or their fav jeans with rope or adjustable belt. Or to get rescued from that stuck-at-waist problem with this miracle saver Bellybelt Combo Kit for pregnant women who still want to wear their regular clothes.
Any other shops that sell this miracle saver??
heard mothercare sold his stuff....how about others any tips??