Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some gift ideas for your children for christmas

What to get for your teen girls?
Why don't you get gadgets ! You might miss some really cool items on markets to present to your teen girls for this Christmas.

You might want to surprise your kids with tech gadgets instead of the usual card gifts and your teen girls might be awed with how geekie you are with this year Christmas gifts. ;)

There are several choices to choose from:
Bicycle iPod Speaker
iHome iPod Speaker
iPod DJ Mixer
Lomographic Holga Starter Kit
or get lomographic camera instead of the starter kit.

Results from lomographic camera are arty stunning , this camera uses four lenses to capture four different photos on one frame of film. The Action Sampler takes the photos a fraction of a second apart, creating an "action sample" that shows the sequence of motion.