Sunday, November 30, 2008

6 easy tips for getting baby to sleep

6 easy tips for getting baby to sleep

1.White Noise

White noise helps a lots of baby to fell asleep easily. The static noise
emit a rythm thats calm and help the baby feel sleepy. And the best part
some white noise can also calm baby and help adults to relax
and dooze off easily too. One fact about this: new babies are at ease
with white noise sound cause they used to hearing the sounds of the womb 24/7.

It works as charms as sucking motion is baby's natural soothing reflex.

3.Swaddle your baby, and held close to your heart beat
One cheap way to swaddle your baby is by using a lightweight blanket.
Why swaddle? Coz babies are born with reflex that makes
them feel as if they are falling(its called Moro Reflex),the tightened
feel of swaddling remind them of when they were in womb.

4.Rock a baby
In the womb, baby is in motion all the time. Thats why they enjoy the rocking
or swaying motion.It also help them to calm before bed time.

5.Before to bed routine
When you get your young one's familiar early with before to bed routine,
he/she establish an understading of the familiar routine and know its time for bed time!

6.Breastfeeding before bedtime
When your young ones are full, its easier to fall asleep. Plus while
breastfeeding, you sway and put your love ones close to your heart, and
the combanations of all these help them to fall asleep easily.