Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Build a bear - creative process for your kids

Build a bear - creative process for your kids
I came across a site mentioning Build-a-Bear and recently making headlines coz a girl by the name of Suri was seen there. Her father is Tom Cruise.

The store is a Build-A -Bear workshop to make your own stuffed animal friend.
Once there, you and your kids will be greeted by staff there to explain the whole process.
So once that settled, your kids get to choose a furry friend from stocks available. then the hear me part, where your kids can either choose sounds or make his/her own.
Next its stuff time and hug test. Then there's the special moment of select a heart and put inside the new stuffed bear. After that stich time, followed by fluff/spa and brush the bear hair(funny eehh).

Later your kids get to name it and getting the new bear a birth cert! :)
And finally accesorize and dreee up the bear!
a whole lot of process..i wonder how long will it takes?