Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tips when expecting the birth of baby.

While its easy to get overwhelmed by what should be prepared and buy, these 4 most essential tips are all you need to get started with your newborn baby.

Baby Seat
About 90%, baby seats are not properly installed. So its all comes down to safety though there various of colors and designs to choose from. Make sure your baby seat properly installed, if you are in USA, you can contact Seatcheck.org to ensure that the baby seat properly and correctly installed. Or you can contact qualified person or professional to making sure its correctly installed.

Diaper Bags
Choose diaper bag with lots of pockets. Consider diaper bags that suits your style and with lots of items. Some items you should pack up - baby wipes, small sanitary bag, necessary bottles,some clothes and of course disposable camera or small camera to capture moment when your baby doing something cute.

Pick stroller that suits your lifestyle. Bigger wheels are more durable on any surface. There main things to look for when shopping for stroller are maneuverability, weight and style.

Bouncy Chair- you never know how much it meant to newly given birth mother. After leaving the hospital to arriving home, its a must item as the baby can sit safely and it can be put on listen to music mode or vibrate. You can have your very need of shower and having the best shower.

Other tips:
Prepare a birth plan.
How would you like for the birth experience to unfold.
Its as a guide and as a source of comfort and confidence but make it flexible as one couldn't predict what would happened. Who do you want to be in the delivery room? Basically decide about this kind of stuff before your water breaks to whether you want a natural birth and what procedure involve. Include your partner as well in preparing the birth plan and share with your doctor in making sure you all in the same page to avoid confusion and disappointment.

Baby Planners highly recommend taking an Infant CPR class. Classes like this helps preparing both father and mother in preparing for the baby's arrival. It does not only give basic skills but boost you with confidence in handling case of emergency and unpredictable situations. The whole idea is to increase the likelihood of good outcome in a potential unpredictable life -threatening events. Contact local hospital or Red Cross Association for Infant CPR Class.

One last thing, as husband or those close to the new mummy, you can give her a scrapbook, capturing moments from pregnancy till she arrived home after leaving maternity hospital. Surprise her with pictures and moments she might miss it !!!