Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mini Library For Kids - Vision, show your love to your child through reading them at night daily &hearts

To encourage readings , I think its start with a mini library right in the heart of your kids room. Stuff with colorful books cover, stuff toys and cute table adjusted to their heights. Good lighting is essential too.
Some ideas to start encouraging this wonderful habits, ideas for the mini library.

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Among your children favourite books, put some of their fav toys.

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Put colourful bright mats/carpet if they want to read on the floor.

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Put an attractive center piece, to brighten the mini library room.

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Encouraging reading habits, always works best if you add interactiveness when you read to your kid. The chalkboard table above, one superb idea, in encouraging your kids and you in learning and bonding as well. While you read, you can describe something or stuffs by drawing or requesting your child to write down word or alphabet.

Hope, this encourage you to build a mini library(ask them to join to paint/build together this mini project) - a beautiful present for your kid!!!!


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